Reptile incubators

A reptile egg incubator that is light weight and weather proof. under tank heaters The reptile egg incubator has been designed for moving reptile eggs that have begun incubation.

When the incubator is not being used to transport eggs it can be operated as a bench top incubator.

Reptile egg incubator

Transporting reptile eggs with a portable incubator that has been designed to move incubating eggs safely.
The egg incubator is a light weight and impact resistant incubator that will easily withstand the vibrations and bumps that occur when relocating reptile eggs.

under tank heater Temperature control is achieved with a combination of ceramic heaters, built in ventilation and adjustable thermostat. The incubator is insulated to protect against heat loss and will easily retain the preset incubating temperature if power is disrupted.

Heat loss averages .5 of a degree for the first thirty minutes and then slowly increases.

Incubating reptile eggs

The incubator has been designed to safely transport reptile eggs and the incubators casing can withstand a drop of twelve feet (four meters) without sustaining any structural damage.

Controls for the incubators ventilation may be locked into position to prevent accidental movement. Thermostat and fan controls are enclosed and cannot be adjusted without removing the incubating chamber. The preferred temperature setting will not move while the incubator is in transit.

Reticulated packing that "breathes" is used to constrain the reptile eggs in the incubating chamber. The reticulated foam can be washed and sterilized for continuous use.

Operating the reptile egg incubator as a bench top incubator can be achieved without any alterations to the incubator. Simply plug the incubator into the electrical grid or alternatively operate the incubator from battery power.

Egg rotation does not require the eggs to be physically handled. The reptile egg incubator and transporter will operate in any position. When rotation of the reptiles egg is due the incubator can be turned upside down and will operate with 100 percent efficiency in this position.