Reptile fans

Reptile Fan

There is a selection of small and compact heaters that are designed for pet owners on THIS WEB SITE The heaters are weather proof and the outer shell of the heaters do not become hot. A reptile can safely bask against the outer shell of the heaters and not receive a burn.

A portable mist fan for caged pets that will enhance your reptiles tank conditions.
The reptile fan will transform your reptile enclosure into a cool and comfortable reptile display with adequate areas for your reptile to regulate its body temperature.
The misting fan for pets can be used to cool a section of the enclosures and create variable temperatures within the reptile tank.
Reptile cage fans can be positioned on top of the reptiles enclosure or left free standing within the reptiles home.

Cooling fans for reptiles

The cooling fans can also be fastened to the outside of a reptile tanks walls to filter and recycle the air within the reptiles tank.
The fan for reptiles is available at this web page. There are two models of pet fans, a filtered fan and a filtered fan with a mist cooling.

Heating for reptiles

Heating for reptiles can be achieved by reptile heaters, hot rocks and heat lamps. The reptile heaters that use a heat lamp do not produce the Ultra violet light bands that are required by most reptiles.

Reptile lighting Ultra Violet lighting

Reptile lights and heating are important for the correct digestion of food and general well being of the reptile. Ultra Violet lighting often called UV lighting or uv lights are required to supply the light source ultraviolet a ( UVA ) and ultra violet b ( UVB ). The fluorescent lighting can be in spiral form or tube.

A lot of fluorescent tubes that are used as fish tank lights are not suitable for a reptiles enclosure. The light tubes do not produce the light waves of Ultra Violet A and Ultra Violet B.

Humidity for reptiles

Providing a terrarium, vivarium or simple reptile enclosure that is healthy for reptile will need uv lighting, reptile heaters and humidity.
A humid enclosure will help the reptile with skin shedding and must be supplied for reptiles that have come from a tropical zone.

Controlling the level of humidity is explained in some detail on this web site for reptiles.

Heater for reptiles

Cooling for reptiles and other small pets. The small weatherproof mist fans are economical to operate. The pet coolers outer shell is protected with insulation.There are no sharp edges on the compact pet fan that may injure your pet.