Reptile Heaters

A heater that are suitable for warming a pets enclosure. The reptile heater is weather proof and can be operated in most areas.

Providing a suitable warm environment with variations in temperature levels is easy with the low cost reptile heater.

The heater is fully insulated and there are no hot spots on the outer casing that might burn your pet.

reptile heater The heater can be operated on a transformer or battery (not included) to provide reliable heating at a low operating cost.

There are no external controls a pet may accidentally alter. The reptile heater can be safely positioned inside the reptiles enclosure.          only    $43


Warming reptiles

Providing suitable heat for the reptiles habitat will be decided by the size of the reptile enclosure and the type of reptile that the reptiles enclosure will house.

Warming the reptile enclosure with an economical heat source can be achieved by the reptile heaters displayed on this web site
The quantity of reptiles contained within the enclosure and operating cost of the reptile heater will also need to be considered when heating reptile enclosures.

Keeping reptiles warm

Over head heater are popular because they provide heating for the enclosure that is similar to the warmth reptiles receive in the wild.
Reptiles will bask for long periods exposed to the heat of the sun and warming the reptiles enclosure with over head heating and a suitable rock that retains the suns warmth is an ideal basking area for captive reptiles.

The heater displayed on this web site has an internal thermostat that constantly regulates the surface temperature. The heaters outer casing has no hot spots and reptiles can safely bask around the heater.

Heating a reptiles enclosure

Under tank heating can be used for the sole heating source of a reptiles habitat.
Under tank heating can also be used in conjunction with over head heating to provide a variable climate within the reptiles home.

reptile warmer

Heating for reptiles

Operating costs of providing warmth for reptiles can be considerably reduced by combining both sources of heat. Under tank heaters can be used to spot heat sections of the reptiles enclosure to provide a gradient in temperatures. This will allow the reptile to select a suitable spot for basking .

Heating a reptiles habitat from above should be achieved with heaters that do not cover the entire substrate area of the reptiles enclosure.

The care sheets on warming reptiles in an enclosure have been provided free for your personal use.
The reptile humidity care sheets have come from a variety of professional sources and advice. They should only be used as a general guide to help you understand your reptiles health and vivarium or terrarium requirements.
Do not use the sheets as a substitute for proper veterinarian advice and directions.