Cooling reptiles

The evaporation fan displayed is an ideal cooler for a reptiles habitat.
Reptile fans can be used to cool a section of the reptiles enclosure thereby providing a variable climate within the pets home.

reptiles evaporation fan
Evaporation fans for a reptile enclosure may be operated as a humidifier to increase the level of humidity within the reptiles habitat.

The cooling fan is weather proof and can be mounted on the enclosures wall or used as a free standing reptile cooler / humidifier.

Evaporation fan for reptiles

A portable evaporation fan for small pets that will keep your reptiles cool in hot weather.
The filtered fan for reptiles will transform your pets enclosure into a cool and comfortable home.

reptile evaporation fan
The reptile mist fan blows a gentle stream of clean cool air that is constantly filtered to prevent irritation for your pet.

Reducing the spread of scales and other contaminants that are present around a pets enclosure will improve the overall cleanliness of the reptiles habitat.

Portable evaporation fans for pets can be used free standing or mounted in the desired position.
Dramatic cooling effects has been achieved by including an evaporator system to the pets enclosure.
The evaporation fan for reptiles will deliver a steady stream of moist air that is cooled by vaporized water droplets.

This method of cooling will not only keep your reptiles cool but also helps in preventing dehydration.

The compact cooling fan for reptiles has a modern shape with no sharp edges or corners that might injure your reptile.
All electrical components and fan blades are enclosed in an impact resistant shell.

Keeping reptiles cool has never been so easy.
Fitting the evaporation fan into the pets home is a simple choir.
The filtered reptile fan can operate in any position.

There are no exposed controls, leads or fan blades that may be bumped into by a boisterous pet. A low voltage transformer or battery (not included) will operate the reptile misting fan safely outdoors and for long periods of time.

The reptile fan can be used to spot cool a section of the pets enclosure, creating a pleasant cool area that your reptile can rest in.
The filtered pets fan can also be fastened to the outside of a pets enclosure wall to cool a special area for the pet.
The evaporator fan for reptiles price is only $73

A cooling fan for reptiles. The weather proof fan has no sharp edges and can be operated in all positions. Providing a reptiles enclosure with a variation in temperatures is easy with the light weight and portable cooling fan.

reptile fan The reptile fan can be operated from a transformer or battery (not included) reliably and at a low cost.
A reusable filter will remove contaminants before they are blown throughout the reptile enclosure. Spare filters are supplied with every fan.

There are no exposed controls on the fan and the robust construction of the cooling appliance ensures that it will endure harsh treatment. The fan for providing a variable climate in a reptiles enclosure is only $43

*Filtered fan for reptiles

A reptile miniature fan that has filtering to remove scales and debris that are often found in reptile cages. The fans filter will stop pollution from being spread throughout your pets home. Fresh clean air will be provided for your reptile.

fan for a bird cage Miniature fans can also be used in reverse to remove stale air from the reptiles cage. The expelled air is filtered to prevent polluting the surrounding area.

This method of producing fresh cool air for your pet is ideal for reptiles that are uncomfortable with a breeze of air blown into their home.

bird cage fans The miniature fan for reptiles is impact resistant and has a non toxic casing. Constructed from molded thermo plastic panels, the small reptile cage fan is rust proof and will give years of reliable service.

Cleaning the reptiles home is easy. The filtered reptile cage fan is weather proof and can be left in location.
bird cage fan The reptile cage fan / air extractor may be mounted onto the walls of a reptiles home or used free standing. There are no exposed controls on the pet fan and all rotating parts are safely enclosed within the fans casing.

A low voltage power supply using a transformer or battery may be used to power the filtered fan for reptiles. This will allow the reptiles home to be easily relocated and is very safe for your pet. fans for a bird cage Filters for the fan can be washed and re-used countless times. There are spare filters supplied with every reptile cage fan